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Motto Suggestion [09 Jul 2002|01:04am]

I just wanted to take a moment to suggest a new motto for this project:

"SharpJournal: This ain't no pansy schoolgirl client."

Thank you.
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first post with SJ [06 Jul 2002|09:09pm]

Beautiful.. I love this client :) very neat, organized.. and the GUI looks.. just COOL.. =Þ\

Very cool. I like. Much. Good job on it, karl&melissa :) :)
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[03 Jun 2002|11:05am]

Having been mostly on Macs lately, I just posted with the Sharp client for the first time in a while. This was with version 0.3.0, and I'm not sure whether I'm up-to-date.

It gave me an error message about the connection closing because the server had violated http protocol. If I get it again now I'll transcribe it and edit it into the entry.

Ah. "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive." Different second half than I was reporting, but there you go.
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website, and other things... [19 May 2002|02:54am]

[ mood | tired ]

the WYSIWYG stuff seems to be sorted, it appears.

i've actually finally made a couple of webpages for SJ instead of just a page that says "sorry, there's nothing here!" heh. you can view it either here or here. they are the exact same thing, so it doesn't matter which url you pick. :P

lots of information there, so go read it! ;)

we're hoping to have beta2 ready by tomorrow night, and we look to be about on schedule for that.

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Resizing Issues [17 May 2002|10:04pm]

I've seen it mentioned before that if the window is maximized, then options opened, then options closed, you are left with a smaller textpane. This is true, however mostly a cosmetic issue. However, if you maximize, show options, remove options, and then restore to normal size, the textpane goes alway altogether and only a subject can be entered. That's more functionality-related than cosmetic. :)
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[17 May 2002|06:30pm]

When is auto detect music coming out!? ARAGH! I'M GOING INSANE!!!

Other than that I LOVE this client... it's easy AND fun! Will it be skinnable? That would be the icing on the cake... to make it look cool. :)
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Color me retarded... [10 May 2002|06:14pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

...But I still can't get .NET to freakin finish installing! *cries* "Setup cannot open MSI database." WHAT?!

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Timeouts [07 May 2002|03:53pm]

The client doesn't handle server timeouts well at all, which is a problem when the server times out as often as it does for me. :) I'm sure this is merely temporary, but thought I'd mention it. Having to log out and log back in whenever the server times out due to JIT screwups is unfun. Especially when the server times out again trying to log in. :)
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testing SJ build 2 [07 May 2002|03:44pm]

- Startup and login are very slow
- I'm not getting any "custom" security setting, with the "..." greyed out. From earlier comments, I'd expected custom to exist.
- I'm not getting tyhe whole options toggle thing appearing -- they're always on, here, and there's no options button -- yet cerebrate's post suggests that there is an options button.

(w98, ie5.5, 600mhz/256MB/20G/33.6 modem, just installed the .net framework today, am eating too much cookie dough while testing).
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More Comments (on second beta) [07 May 2002|09:38pm]

[ mood | testy ;) ]

Well, the first set for me.

1. First, basically, I like it.
2. But with the Options button, how about leaving it and Post Entry in the same position, and opening the rest of the options underneath them (with a 3D-line to separate), rather than keeping them at the bottom? That's the way the MS dialogs like that work, and it'd fit people's expectations more.

Well, mine anyway, but I'm people.

3. No tray icon yet, I notice. Intentional?

4. This one's a feature request - how about showing the mood faces and maybe even the userpics in the associated drop-down lists?

5. Control behaviour gets a bit odd when you size the window Really Rather Too Small - how about a minimum size?

6. Another feature request (sorry, I tend to generate them) - maybe make the security level box autosize when you do custom security, and put the actual group names in there? Autosize with the window, that is.

7. When you've resized the window already and then toggle options on or off, it resizes back to a default size. Could it stop doing that?

All I've got so far.

(BTW, works fine for me both at home, XP Pro connected via W2K Server running ISA server firewall/proxy, and at work, XP Pro connected via Watchguard Firebox firewall. But the latter leaks outward like a sieve anyway...)

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Broken? [07 May 2002|10:30am]

[ mood | tired ]


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[07 May 2002|03:57pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

It worked! Eventually, but i got it to log in after i rebooted, so here is my pristine first post with SharpJournal

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How to be testing? [07 May 2002|12:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Tip, don't name your friends groups as numbers, like stupid ole me.

And... my first test post with the new SharpJournal client. It's perty!

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Feature Request [06 May 2002|03:12pm]

I use sema, and I'm very happy with it. But just today, something happened that made me realise there's a problem with the way it handles being unable to connect ot the server and post a message, and something I'd like my next client to definiteyl not do..

I was posting in a community journal and got the "this journal is in read-only mode", so I clicked okay and tried again (bad me, overloading the server). It went through, and I checked only to see that when I clicked "okay", sema had set the active journal back to my default but left the rest of the jourrnal entry as it was when I tried to post -- so I'd posted a community entry into my own journal.

This seems to be due to the "change back to default uder after post" setting. I'd really prefer if, after a _failed_ sttempt to post, the journal didn't set itself back to default user, but left _everything_ as it was when I attempted to post.

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Reducing the number of invitation code requests [04 May 2002|09:02pm]

xenofalcon mentioned in his lj_client post:

If your client is popular enough, you've undoubtedly received emails asking for invite codes; perhaps it would be a good idea to incorporate messages into your client informing the user that if they do not have a LiveJournal, then they must get an invite code from a current user, and that the author will not give out any. A note on the downloads page might help too.

My idea: Include that message into the installation program. Since it'll obtain the actual program and the .NET runtime from the server, users who don't have an LJ account wouldn't download anything except a small (32-64k or so) EXE. If I were a user, I'd be pretty pissed if I downloaded 21 MBs and was then told I couldn't use it.
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possible feature request [04 May 2002|11:29pm]

hi :)

like cerebrate i was wondering about a possible feature. in the sema client when you made something a link, there was the option to make it as a link in a new window and the option to leave that box checked. as well as it making it so that linking to a user caused the client to insert the lj user tags. will the sharp client also have these things?
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Feature Request: Shortcut Keys [27 Apr 2002|11:56am]

(Is it too early for one of these, not having seen the beta yet? Well, probably, but I'm going to make it anyway...)

In the previous Windows clients, both Semagic and the original, the shortcut key for inserting a hyperlink is C-m. I'd like to suggest that you consider making this C-k instead, for consistency with Office and all the other Windows applications that follow it - as I spend much of my working day in one or another of those applications, I'm forever hitting C-k to put a link in in Semagic and getting an <lj-cut> instead, then having to go back and edit it.

The drawback would be, of course, that you'd have to change the <lj-cut> shortcut key as well, and it would break backwards compatibility. If that looks to be a major problem, how about an option for those of us with solidly programmed fingers? :)

(Oh, while I'm at it, how about supporting the old CUA cut/copy/paste shortcuts as well as the new Mac-style ones? I still find myself hitting C-Home and S-Insert much of the time.)
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named [25 Apr 2002|11:35pm]

We've decided to go forth with the name SharpJournal.

GUI comment-whoring to come (aka I show you some GUI shots and you tell me whether you like them or not ;)).
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.NET runtime [25 Apr 2002|12:22pm]


For those of you interested in beta testing our client, you may want to download the .NET Runtime from either Windows Update (http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com) or MSDN (http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/default.asp?url=/downloads/sample.asp?url=/msdn-files/027/001/829/msdncompositedoc.xml). This is a pretty big download (about 20 MBs), so you might want to get started on this before we release the first beta of our client. Otherwise, you'll need to download it when you install it.

If you're interested in beta testing our client or would like posting access to this community, e-mail ljdotnet @ callete.com.

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Grr... Melissa beat me to it :( [25 Apr 2002|09:43am]


Second post!

(Posted by GhettoJournal, of course! Gotta love WYSIWYG!)

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