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More Comments (on second beta)

Well, the first set for me.

1. First, basically, I like it.
2. But with the Options button, how about leaving it and Post Entry in the same position, and opening the rest of the options underneath them (with a 3D-line to separate), rather than keeping them at the bottom? That's the way the MS dialogs like that work, and it'd fit people's expectations more.

Well, mine anyway, but I'm people.

3. No tray icon yet, I notice. Intentional?

4. This one's a feature request - how about showing the mood faces and maybe even the userpics in the associated drop-down lists?

5. Control behaviour gets a bit odd when you size the window Really Rather Too Small - how about a minimum size?

6. Another feature request (sorry, I tend to generate them) - maybe make the security level box autosize when you do custom security, and put the actual group names in there? Autosize with the window, that is.

7. When you've resized the window already and then toggle options on or off, it resizes back to a default size. Could it stop doing that?

All I've got so far.

(BTW, works fine for me both at home, XP Pro connected via W2K Server running ISA server firewall/proxy, and at work, XP Pro connected via Watchguard Firebox firewall. But the latter leaks outward like a sieve anyway...)
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